Vibram Five Fingers now in stock!

Have you heard about the minimalist market and are curious to see how they work?  We now have the full line-up of running and cross training Vibram Five Fingers for both men and women.

These include:

The Bikila and Bikila LS.  These are the road running version of the Five Fingers.  The regular Bikila has the velcro straps while the LS version has normal shoe laces.

The TrekSport.  This is the perfect Vibram Fiver Finger to use on trails, whether you are running or hiking.  They have more tread and an abrasion resistant upper.

The KomodoSport and KomodoSport LS.  These are the best cross-training Vibram Five Finger out there.  They have a touch of lateral support while still keep you close to the ground.  The KomodoSport is the regular velcro version and the LS has laces.

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